Overlanding kitchen combo


Travel light but still effective when it comes to prepping a great meal on the trail, or anywhere you find yourself for breakfast, lunch or dinner time.

This simple and complete combo set has all you need to be able to refrigerate your food and drinks, and use the kitchen module to store cutlery, your favourite portable gas stove (not included) and enjoy all the feature of the product.

It leaves plenty of space on top of the fridge and the kitchen module to store bags, gear and anything you want to carry with you.

Every combo comes with its kit to connect and secure all modules.

The combo includes:

This one and all our modules are designed and made in ITALY.

Production time is between 7 and 14 days. 

See individual products for details on features, dimensions, weight, and what's included in the box.

Anchoring system:

  • Straps and anchors without platform - we provide the kit to fit it and secure it into any vehicle that has 4 anchor points in the trunk. You do not need a platform for this.
  • With platform - we provide the kit to secure the standard dimension module into the chosen vehicle that has its dedicated platform (sold separately here).

    Notes for JLU owners: Because the Jeep JLU's trunk is narrower and shorter than the Jeep JKU, we had to redesign the modules reducing some of the sizes and adjusting the dimensions of the JLU Platform. Therefore the kitchen side of the setup will measure 490mm in width while the other side will measure 460mm in width.

    Do you want a customized solution? We design and build special projects. Contact us here to design your setup with us.

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