Iconic products coming together

We have designed and produced a special line of modules for this vehicle, transforming it into so much more than just a pick-up truck.

Starting with two main configurations

So much space needs a clean and though-through organization paired with a sturdy and durable construction.

Starting with our signature platform system and two initial configurations, we fit out the truck's load bed end-to-end with fully extractable drawers or sliders.

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Custom designed birch platform with predrilled anchoring holes and coated with our U-Pol Raptor paint mix.

One long birch drawer with internal partitions and movable working surface.

Anti-scratch powder-coated aluminum cover panel with side hatch.

Heavy duty 225kg load full extension sliders.

NOTE: this module can be ordered for the left side, for the right side and side by side.


Anti-scratch powder-coated aluminum wide tray.

Heavy duty 225kg load full extension sliders.

Air cargo track hook system.

Movable birch drawer with top powder-coated aluminum hatches.

NOTE: this module can be ordered full width size to cover the entire truck's load bed.


Single long drawer

outer size from 1250mmL x 630mmW x 260mmH

inner size from 1215mL x 494mW x 160mmH

Single slide-out tray

outer size from 1250mmL x 630mmW x 100mmH

innser size from 1234mmL x 575mmW

Movable drawer

outer size 490mmL x 550mmW x 260mmH

inner size 430mmL x 430mmW x 180mmH

Full width slide-out tray

outer size from 1250mmL x 1260mmW x 100mmH

inner size from 1234mmL x 1200mmW

The length and the height of the modules can be adjusted depending on the truck bed total length and its closing mechanism.


This line of products is special and requires special attentions. So drop us a line with your contact details, your RAM model/year and your country of residence.

In Italy, our exclusive distributor and sales partner is LAROSSA 4x4, based in Milano. Get directly in touch with them at info@larossa4x4.it and 02 50 30 41 49

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