Our elements

We are surrounded by the Alps and the Dolomites, the sea shore is less than an hour away.
Every single day an adventure awaits us out there.
With everything that nature and the outdoors have to offer, we set out to create the best possible storage and camping solutions for anyone looking to explore and have a great adventure.

Made in Italy

We design, test and manufacture our gear in Friuli, Italy’s north-east famous furniture district. Expertise, passion and reliability are the traits of our region.
The beautiful sceneries of this land are captured in our logo, a pictographic representation of the Jôf di Montasio, a peak standing with an elevation of 2,752 meters overlooking its famous plateau, home to some amazing cheese making huts.

Our promise

Anything we engineer and create is something we would want to have, use and enjoy. And as for anything we desire, we want the best possible product. So we settle for nothing but the best design, materials, solutions and durability for each and every module we ship to you.



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