So you love one of our modules but you are unsure if it will fit into your vehicle. We understand and here is a small guide we put together to help you figure it out.

Currently, we have developed modules that should easily fit into most of the C-segment/Compact vehicles and up.
We strongly suggest that you measure carefully the volumes of your vehicle. 
See the image below and use it to gather the necessary information.

Measure your trunk

In addition to the sizes above, your vehicle may have a sunk-in trunk and you need to check that too. 

Here is a list of tips we drafted to help you measure your car and ensure you have the right space:


Make sure you measure the depth of your trunk taking into account the inclination of the rear seats. The higher the module, the shorter it will need to be because the rear seats will take more space. This size refers to LETTER E in the image above.


Measure the width of your trunk taking into consideration the external edge/rim. Station wagons and compact cars tend to have a more rounded edge and this decreases the total width of your available space unless you raise the module to clear the round corners.
If you drive a minivan or an off road vehicle, chances are that the external edge of your trunk is squared and the internal width is very close to available space you have to open drawers and slide platforms.


Most of the SUVs, compact cars and station wagons have a sloping rear window. You will need to account for this element when measuring the height of the module and avoid a collision then closing your trunk. The higher the module, the more you may need to push it backwards.
In the case of minivans and off road vehicles, the rear window is pretty much vertical but you still have to check the total height and any other element that may reduce the space in the rear window vicinity (e.g. electronic box for lights and wiper).


If you are planning on folding down both your rear seat rows or just one of them, check for any step or difference in height between your trunk level and the folded seats. Different heights may result in the module being tilted downward when you open drawers or slide a platform out.


Almost all vehicles nowadays have 4 or more anchor points in the trunk. You will need to locate them and assess the distance and position from the area you intend to install your module or combo. We provide long enough straps to reach pretty much anywhere in your trunk and the hooks can be moved on the aluminum profiles to best fix and secure any of the module in pretty much any vehicle.


Many vehicles have space for 2 modules sitting side by side (950mm or 980mm). This is LETTER B in the image. This setup can be easily achieved by connecting the two modules with plates and bolts we provide. Once the modules are connected and secured, you can tie them down to your trunk’s anchor points as if it was one piece. See tips above to make sure a side by side solution fits into your trunk.
If you are short on space, do let us know what sizes you would like to have, we can personalise your module to fit your trunk.



Note that we are constantly working on new models and sizes. If you want to check whether we have something in the making, go ahead and drop us a quick note here: Contacts.

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