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We are great foodies here and we had to design and create a module to let you prep the perfect meal on the trail. The kitchen module is a key element for your adventure. 

The sturdy aluminum frame and the side panels help you organise the space in the vehicle and keep everything secured and rattle free, even on rough terrain. 

Two locking mechanisms keep the two kitchen sliding platforms from moving or closing when you need your cooking and prep surfaces open and secured.

The water system is plug and play and it includes a 1.5mt water hose and a 1.5mt 12v cable to easily connect to your vehicle's plug. 

There is really a lot here for you. See what this fantastic module is made of.

Production time is between 7 and 14 days. 

This one and all our modules are designed and made in ITALY.

Main features:

  • Aluminum profile frame for max strength and durability
  • Lockable sliders with a 120kg max load
  • 15mm birch plywood main structure with food grade coating
  • Water pump with foldable tap
  • Collapsable and removable basin
  • Piston powered tray over storage space
  • Dibond panels, UV and water resistant
  • Elastic straps to hold a gas canister
  • Small hook for towels

Dimensions: 490mmW x 410mmH x 700mmL

Weight: 40kg

What's included:

  • 1x Aluminum frame
  • 1x Set of top and side Dibond panels
  • 2x Sets of lockable sliders
  • 1x Scandinavian birch inside structure
  • 1x Collapsable basin
  • 1x Foldable tap
  • 1x Water pump with 12v electrical wiring
  • 1x Water hose 1.5mt long
  • 1x 12v power cord 1mt long
  • 1x Elastic strap
  • 1x Set of nuts and bolts to secure the module to your trunk anchor points

Notes: you can mount the kitchen box on its own with anchors and straps or bolt it on one of our base systems which itself bolts into your vehicle.

Does it fit? See our FAQ section

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