What are the modules' sizes and weights?

We offer a total of 10 modules with this starting sizes. We can personalise the sizes to fit your vehicles sizes or your unique specs.

Fridge module - 490mmW x 640mmH x 640mmL - approx 16kg
Fridge module with top drawer - 490mmW x 740mmH x 640mmL - approx 19kg
Single low drawer - 490mmW x 230mmH x 640mmL - approx 10kg
Single high drawer - 490mmW x 300mmH x 640mmL - approx 14kg
Stacked double drawer - 490mmW x 470mmH x 640mmL - approx 25kg
Single low wide drawer - 980mmW x 230mmH x 640mmL - approx 25kg
Shelf module - 490mmW x 470mmH x 640mmL - approx 12kg
Kitchen module - 490mmW x 410mmH x 700mmL - approx 35kg
Compact kitchen module - 830mmW x 200mmH x 640mmL - approx 30kg
JKU 2011-2018 Floor Subwoofer Base 980mmW x 15mmH x 820mmL - approx 8kg


Alternative sizes for side by side system

Fridge module - 460mmW x 640mmH x 620mmL - approx 16kg
Fridge module with top drawer - 460mmW x 740mmH x 620mmL - approx 19kg
Single low drawer - 460mmW x 230mmH x 620mmL - approx 10kg
Single high drawer - 460mmW x 300mmH x 620mmL - approx 14kg
Stacked double drawer - 460mmW x 470mmH x 620mmL - approx 25kg
Single low wide drawer - 950mmW x 230mmH x 620mmL - approx 25kg
Shelf module - 460mmW x 470mmH x 620mmL - approx 12kg
Kitchen module - 460mmW x 410mmH x 680mmL - approx 35kg
Platform system - 950mmW x 15mmH x 750mmL - approx 8kg


Do you do custom work or made to fit?

Yes, we do.

We offer our modules in various sizes to make sure you find the right fit for your vehicle. 

Sometimes we just need to make that one-off that fits like a glove. 

All you have to do in this case is reach out via the Contact form and will be get back to you to start exploring your unique project. Please note that additional charges will be applied for customized work.

If you require a full design upfront, a fee, based on the complexity of the project and starting at 150 Euro, will be also charged in order to commence work. That fee will then be subtracted from the final price. 


Can I personalise the modules?

Yes, you can! 

Aluminum front bars can be personalised with a word or small sentence. Options are also offered for the Tailgate Gear Table.

Please consider that personalisation will require additional production time and will carry a premium over the standard price of the module.


Where do you ship to?

We can ship your order pretty much anywhere but certain destinations may have a steep transportation price tag. You can see the shipping rate for your delivery address calculated at checkout. For additional information, see our Shipping Policies.


Can I return the products if I change my mind?

Under EU law, you are entitled to the right of withdrawal within 14 days after  receiving the product. There are however exceptions where this does not apply. Some of these exception include personalised products, pre-orders based on quantities, made to order, custom orders. Make sure you carefully read our Return Policy to find out more. 


Where are Tailgate Gear products made?

Our products are made (with passion) in the North East part of Italy. The area is a famous furniture making district and we have been collaborating with some top craftsmen to bring you the best quality products we could think of. 

Some of the components are imported from Europe and to a smaller degree from Asia. However, we try to minimise the imported parts sourcing locally as much as we can.


How much weight can the sliders hold?

Each module that includes sliders has its own specific weight load. Here is a quick recap:

Fridge modules - 120kg

Kitchen modules - 120kg each pair

Regular drawers - 45kg

Wide drawer - 80kg


How to anchor the modules to my vehicle?

Usually, there are 3 ways to anchor and secure the modules to your vehicle.

1 - If we offer a vehicle specific platform system, first mount it into your vehicle's trunk by bolting it down using the taps of the original anchor points. Then bolt the various modules onto the base using the L-shape sliding mounts. These are provided with all modules.

2 - If you have a sunk-in trunk, you need to have a raiser to align the module with the boot's exit line. A raiser can also be produced according to your specifications. Once the modules is in the right position, use tie-downs to secure it to the existing anchor points (usually 4 or more). 

3 - If your trunk is flat, like a SUV or a station wagon, you can secure your module directly to the anchor points you have in your vehicle (usually 4 or more) using tie-downs connecting these to the module's anchor rings. In this case, don't forget to order the 4 hooks and 4 tie-downs package.
All you have to do is make sure they are tight and you are good to go!


What is included?

Every module comes with a set to screws and tie-downs to secure it to your vehicles anchor points.

Depending on the type of anchoring you choose, we will ship rings to bolt onto the aluminum profile structure or L-shape connectors to secure the module to one of our bases.

We also provide the necessary nuts and bolts, tie-downs, and a beautiful postcard of our logo-inspiring Jôf di Montasio.

The kitchen module deserves a special mention here as it packs a larger number of items:

  • collapsable sink
  • waterpump
  • foldable tap
  • elastic band to hold the propane tank in place
  • a 1.5mt long 12v cable to connect the module to your power source
  • a 1.5mt long hose to connect the pump to your water storage


And last but not least, you can recycle the packaging as it is all paper based. 


Is it compatible with market gear?

When designing the various modules, we have researched the most common items available on the market and stocked by large distribution chains. Not everything will fit perfectly but with a bit of trying all your gear will find a new home inside our modules.


Is it UV resistant?

Yes, we select and use materials that can take light and UV rays without discolouring. We chose Dibond panels and use Raptor paint (the stuff used to paint cars and pickup's beds) to provide you with top materials and peace of mind.


Do you offer warranty on your products?

We offer a life warranty on the aluminum profiles used in the modules. Restrictions apply in case of misuse. 


Can you combine modules?

Yes, the aluminum profile structure allows you to combine modules by stocking them on top of or next to each other.

We are able to provide you with the necessary hardware to do so. You can find them in the Shop section under Hardware.

Please be advised that undertaking necessary precautions for safety and respecting road regulations are your responsibilities.


How do Tailgate Gear products compare to others on the market?

We design and make products to provide solid and reliable solutions for your traveling and adventure needs. We are not alone but we are confident we do it well and we try to provide the best value for money. To show you how we stack up against the best in the industry, we compiled a comparison page here.   


Got more questions? Feel free to reach out at any time using the form in our Contact page.

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