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This combo is specifically designed for the New Suzuki Jimny, 4 or 2 seater, and provides a practical and solid solution with storage and space for your fridge.

The platform is secured to the vehicle with our custom designed brackets

We know the need to keep everything organised is key to an enjoyable camping and overlanding experience. 

This combo can be utilised for a weekend out, a hike, as a semi permanent setup in your vehicle and even for work, if you wish to. 

The trunk tool box is still accessible for the 4 seater and for the 2 seater if you have it installed.

Every combo comes with its kit to connect and secure all modules.

You can also configure your very own combo starting from the platform system and adding other modules from our line of products.

The combo includes:

This one and all our modules are designed and made in ITALY.

Production time is between 14 and 21 days. 


Dimensions (mm): Modules 980W x 620D x 300H - Platform 1100W x 620D x 15H

See individual products for details on features, dimensions, weight, and what's included in the box.


With platform - we provide the kit to secure the modules into the chosen vehicle and its dedicated platform.


The platform can be moved slightly to the sides depending on your preferred configuration and use of the storage space you have left and right.

The platform is designed to accomodate the 2 versions of the Jimny, be sure to select your version when placing the order.

Do you want a customized solution? We design and build special projects. Contact us here to design your setup with us.


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