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This is where it all starts. From here we mount any module designed for your vehicle.

The platform system is made of Scandinavian birch finished in Raptor paint to max durability and toughness. 

The pre-drilled holes can accomodate our modules side by side and provide an easy and secure anchor for them even on rough terrains.

The platform is bolted into the vehicle and meant to be your new trunk bed but you can easily remove it if you need to.

Nuts and bolts are provided with the package.

Production time is between 14 and 21 days. 

This one and all our modules are designed and made in ITALY.


  • 15mm birch marine plywood
  • U-pol Raptor polyurethane paint for rugged look, toughness and easy-clean
  • Pop-up flat locks with models with hatch
  • Easy mount and removal process
  • Necessary bolts and nuts included
  • Installation instructions included


Note for Jeep Wrangler owners: JKU and JLU systems have different sizes and layouts. The 4XE platform is slightly different from the JLU system.

Note for Jimny owners: the system includes also x5 L shaped brackets to hold down the platform. No drilling. Works with both 4 and 2 seaters. The tool box in the back can be accessed. Additional caster feet are included for the 2 seat Jimny.

Note for New Defender owner: the system include a double platform with additional aluminum profiles to raise the platform and allow for the side by side configuration.

Note for Grenadier owners: the system bolts directly into the existing airline track holes. No drilling. Platform comes with extra threaded holes to install hooks and straps.


Q: Do I need to drill into the vehicle?

A: If you have purchased one of the vehicle based platform and install it in the right model/year, no drilling will be necessary.

Q: Do I need a platform to be able to install other Tailgate Gear modules?

A: You need the platform system to be able to utilize modules on either side by themselves or with a module on one side and fridge slide on the other. Without the platform, you need to secure the modules with straps and anchors. However, some products like the solo fridge slide cannot be secured with straps and hooks. 

Q: I do not see my vehicle in the list, can I still order a platform?

A: Do get in touch to find out if we are developing that platform model or if we can do it for you.

Got more questions? Leave a message on our Contact page.


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