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The stacked doubled drawer module puts the low and the high drawers on top of each other into one module. It is easy to install and can fit diverse sets of gear such as dry goods, recovery gear, portable batteries and more....

The stacked doubled drawer module puts the low and the high drawers on top of each other into one module.

It is easy to install and can fit diverse sets of gear such as dry goods, recovery gear, portable batteries and more.

The sturdy aluminum frame contains both drawers and keeps them safe and contained. It also helps you to neatly store the module when you don't need it in the car. 

The sliders have shock absorbers when closing and each drawer is lockable with a set of 2 keys.

As for all our modules, the panels are made of Dibond and the drawers are made of Scandinavian marine birch plywood finished with polyurethane coating for max durability.

Production time is between 21 and 28 days. 

This one and all our modules are designed and made in ITALY.


Any vehicle, Jeep JKU, Ineos Grenadier

External 490mmW x 470mmH x 640mmL

Internal low drawer 370mmW x 120mmH x 610mmL
Internal high drawer 370mmW x 220mmH x 610mmL 

Jeep JLU, Jeep 4XE, Suzuki Jimny, Mercedes G-Wagon  

External 460mmW x 300mmH x 620mmL or 490mmW x 300mmH x 620mmL

Internal low drawer 340mmW x 120mmH x 590mmL or 370mmW x 120mmH x 610mmL
Internal high drawer 340mmW x 220mmH x 590mmL or 370mmW x 220mmH x 610mmL

Dimensions for Nissan Patrol GR Y61:

External 580mmW x 470mmH x 700mmL

Internal low drawer 370mmW x 120mmH x 670mmL
Internal high drawer 370mmW x 220mmH x 670mmL 

Weight: 30kg


  • Aluminum profile frame for max strength and durability
  • Shock absorbing slides with 45kg max load for each drawer
  • 15mm marine birch plywood
  • Available Raptor finishing for rugged look, toughness and easy-clean
  • Aluminum laminated (Dibond) side and top panels, UV and water resistant
  • Pop-up locks with 2 keys 


Straps and anchors without platform - we provide the kit to fit it and secure it into any vehicle that has 4 anchor points in the trunk. You do not need a platform for this.

With platform -  we provide the kit to secure the standard dimension module into the chosen vehicle that has its dedicated platform (sold separately here).


      You can mount the stacked double drawer module on its own with anchors and straps or bolt it on one of our base systems which bolts into your vehicle. 

      JLU, New Defender, owners: Because the Jeep JLU's trunk is narrower and shorter than the Jeep JKU, we had to redesign the modules reducing some of the sizes and adjusting the dimensions of the JLU platform (see it here). Depending on the configuration with our platform system and other modules, the correct width will be assigned for production.

      New Defender owners: we utilize a thinner aluminum extruded profile for the construction of the drawers. External sizes are reduced by 20mm while internal dimensions remain unchanged.


      Q: Does the stacked double drawer module come assembled?

      A: Yes, all our modules are shipped already assembled with the necessary kit to install it.

      Q: What can I fit into the drawers?

      A: In the low drawer you can fit 1,5lt bottles sideways, butane gas tanks, most of the small and flat common camping gear available on the market.
      In the high drawer you can fit small 500ml water bottle (standing), Frontrunner Flat pack, standard 500wh portable batteries, most of the common camping gear available on the market.

      Q: How do the drawer's partitions work?

      A: The partitions can be moved to create smaller area within the drawer. They leave room to run cables from the front of the drawer to the back and also out form the back.

      Q: How can I use the top of the module?

      A: The top of the drawer can be use to store additional gear and it holds up to 100kg of weight. The top panel is slightly lower than the contour and that helps to keep bags and boxes from moving around. 

      Q: Can I connect this module to other Tailgate Gear modules?

      A: Sure. Our modules are stackable and can be connected as combos to each other. Make sure you specify in the order's notes that you need a connecting kit if you already own one of our modules. 

      Q: Do you customize sizes?

      A: We do customize our modules. There are additional charges based on the modifications and the production time may increase.

      Q: How can I check if the module fits in my vehicle?

      A: Check the external dimensions of the drawer and measure your vehicle. Make sure you take into account the inclination of the rear seats if you need to place it close to them. 

      Got more questions? Leave a message on our Contact page.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Sebastian Braun
      Great Product!

      I received the with few other products. Perfect addition

      Mauro Mazzini
      Mobili bellissimi

      Mi è piaciuta la facilità d’installazione, in ogni scatola era descritto in modo perfetto il modo d’installazione. Il materiale è ottimo e la sorpresa più bella è stata la chiusura soft dei cassetti. Sulla mia Jeep JL ho dovuto mettere degli spessori per il fondo altrimenti tendeva a piegarsi e degli spessori per la cappelliera che non è della misura del mio “rollar” posteriore. Nel complesso sono molto soddisfatto. Ho camperizzato la jeep e ho un sacco di spazio. Consigliatissimi

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