Fridge module with drawer

Just like the regular Fridge module, this is one of the essential pieces when you are out for the day, camping or overlanding. We have added a practical and useful drawer on top of it to store small items you want to have a quick access to. It is easy to install and it provides a secure and easy-to-access compartment for your fridge.

The sturdy aluminum frame and the side panels help you organise the space in the vehicle and keep everything secured and rattle free, even on rough terrain. 

A locking mechanism keeps the platform from moving or closing when you need your fridge open on uneven surfaces.

It accommodates most 50L fridges (or smaller).

Anchoring system:

  • Straps and anchors without platform - we provide the kit to fit it and secure it into any vehicle that has 4 anchor points in the trunk. You do not need a platform for this.
  • With platform -  we provide the kit to secure the standard dimension module into the chosen vehicle that has its dedicated platform (sold separately here).

Production time is between 7 and 14 days. 

This one and all our modules are designed and made in ITALY.

Main features:

  • Aluminum profile frame for max strength and durability
  • Lockable sliders with a 80kg max load
  • 15mm birch plywood platform
  • Raptor finishing for rugged look, toughness and easy-clean
  • Aluminum laminated (Dibond) side and top panels, UV and water resistant
  • Straps holes to reduce weight and complexity
  • Birch drawer with lock

Standard dimensions: 490mmW x 740mmH x 640mmL

Dimensions for Jeep JLU: 460mmW x 740mmH x 620mmL

Fridge max space: 390mmW x 530mmH x 640mmL (or more depending on trunk space).

Weight: 26kg

What's included:

  • 1x Aluminum frame
  • 1x Set of top and side aluminum laminated (Dibond) panels
  • 1x Lockable drawer
  • 1x Set of lockable sliders
  • 1x Scandinavian birch platform finished in Raptor 
  • 1x Set of nuts and bolts to secure the module to your trunk anchor points

Notes: you can mount the fridge module with drawer on its own with anchors and straps or bolt it on one of our base systems which itself bolts into your vehicle.

Notes for JLU owners: Because the Jeep JLU's trunk is narrower and shorter than the Jeep JKU, we had to redesign the modules reducing some of the sizes and adjusting the dimensions of the JLU platform (see it here). 

Does it fit? See our FAQ section

Do you want a personalized solution? We design and build special projects. Contact us here to design your setup with us.

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