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A great and classic vehicle deserved the best possible storage solution bringing together a solid constriction and a clean and modern design.

The Classic Defender Drawer is designed to fit the 110 and 90 models (rear seat bench removed). 

The sturdy aluminum frame contains the whole drawer and keeps it safe and contained.

The main heavy duty sliders are rated for 120kg load and include the lock-in/lock-out mechanism to keep the drawer in place both when driving and when on irregular terrain. 

The slide out working surface is on 45kg rated sliders with soft closing. This can be used also when the main drawer is locked in.

The sink option includes a foldable sink, tap and a 12v pump with its own tube and power connector. 

As for all our modules, the panels are made of Dibond and the drawer is made of Scandinavian birch plywood finished with polyurethane double coating for max durability.

Production time is between 21 and 28 days. 

This one and all our modules are designed and made in ITALY.


External drawer dimensions: 800mmW x 240mmH x 1000mmL

Front internal storage space: 670mmW x 165mmH x 435mmL

Side storage space: 295mmW x 165mmH x 440mmL

Full width panel (with an without hatches): 1360mmW  x 1000mmL

    Weight: 50kg

    Main features

    • Aluminum profile frame for max strength and durability
    • Lock-in/Lock-out slides with 120kg max load
    • Shock absorbing slides with 45kg max load
    • 15mm marine birch plywood
    • Raptor finishing for rugged look, toughness and easy-clean
    • Aluminum laminated (Dibond) side panels, UV and water resistant
    • Top marine birch panel coated with Raptor and threaded holes 


    Turnbuckles - we provide the kit to fit it and secure it into any vehicle that has 4 anchor points in the trunk. Insert this note in the order to receive this kit.

    Drilling -  we provide the kit to secure the module onto the bare trunk floor. Drilling is required. You can either insert M6 threaded rivets (recommended) or secure bolts and nuts through the trunk floor.

    With the drilling option be sure to check the exact position to avoid damaging any vital component of the vehicle.


      Q: Does the drawer come assembled?

      A: Yes, all our modules are shipped already assembled with the necessary kit to install it. Depending on the chosen option, the full width panel frame will need to be assembled.

      Q: What can I fit into the drawer?

      A: The defender drawer can fit a double burner stove in the larger space under the slide out surface. The small compartment can accomodate spices, various cooking ware and anything else you need to bring with you on the trail.

      Q: How does the sink+pump+tap option work?

      A: If you order the sink+pump+tap option, the drawer comes with a built in 12v pump connected to a tap. A 12v power SAE connection is also built in to enable the tap to activate the pump. In the back of the drawer there is a water intake quick release plug (food graded tube provided) and a 12v power plug (SAE cable provided).

      Q: Do I need to drill?

      A: You can choose to anchor the module utilizing the existing hooks in the trunk. This option works but you will need to routinely check the tension of the turnbuckle used to secure the module. 
      We recommend drilling 6-8 points and install threaded M6 rivets to install the drawer and better secure it. It is a relatively easy operation but if you don't feel comfortable doing it, seek the help of a professional workshop.

      Q: How can I use the top of the drawer?

      A: The top of the drawer can be use to store additional gear and it holds up to 100kg of weight. The top panel is slightly lower than the contour and that helps to keep bags and boxes from moving around. The full width panel also includes several threaded holes to accomodate M6 hooks to secure any cargo you need to store.

      Q: Do you customize sizes?

      A: We do customize our modules. There are additional charges based on the modifications and the production time may increase.

      Q: How can I check if the drawer fits in my vehicle?

      A: We designed the Classic Defender drawers to fit either the 110 without the need to remove the rear bench or the 90 without the rear seat bench.

      Got more questions? Leave a message on our Contact page.


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