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NEW BATCH IN PRODUCTION NOW. DELIVERIES EXPECTED SECOND WEEK OF AUGUST. A cargo shelf is one the most effective storage options out there and since storage options are never enough, when you need to complement drawers and sliders, we got...

A cargo shelf is one the most effective storage options out there and since storage options are never enough, when you need to complement drawers and sliders, we got you covered!

WELL BUILT: The Cargo Aluminium Shelf is sturdy and is light. We make of 100% industrial grade aluminium, powder-coated in black and with an anti-scratch finishing. 

EASY TO INSTALL: It is bolted directly into the Jeep's roll bar and New Defender's anchor points on each side of the boot to make sure you can load anything you need to carry for your adventure. It comes preassembled so installation is actually a breeze and you can be ready to go in minutes. 

SMART: The surface and the sides have numerous (32) L-track slots for airline cargo tie downs. With these you can secure boxes, tanks, bags and really anything you find yourself carrying. The sides are raised to prevent objects from sliding off but low enough to allow tanks with taps to be easily used on it.

FLEXIBLE: Last but not least, you can raise and lower the tray and move it forward or backwards thanks to pre-drilled holes in the side brackets.

This one and all our modules are designed and made in ITALY.


  • Aluminium structure with 3mm to 5mm components
  • Side brackets with spacers to fit also multiple setups
  • Black powder coated finishing
  • Anti-scratch
  • L-track slots


Dimensions: 1000mmW x 590mmL x 90mmH

Height from base: from 440mm to 540mm

Weight: 10kg


Q: Do I need to drill to install the Cargo Shelf in my vehicle?

A: No, there is no drilling required to install the tray in the vehicles we have listed.

Q: I have a Front Runner roof rack, can I install the Cargo Shelf?

A: Yes, we provide different spacers to be able to accomodate the Cargo Shelf even if you have a Frontrunner rack mounting on the roll bars (JKU-JLU-4XE).

Q: Can I attach other gear under the Cargo Shelf?

A: Yes, the airline tracks can be utilized also underneath the shelf. For example, you can secure a flat water tank.

Q: How can I adjust the position of the Cargo Shelf?

A: The side brackets offer vertical sets of holes to move the tray up and down (available for all vehicles). The tray itself has two horizontal sets of holes to move the shelf forward and backwards (only for JKU, JLU, 4XE).

Q: How much weight can I load on the Cargo Shelf?

A: We have tested it with over 50kg while traveling off-road. 

Q: Does the Cargo Shelf come pre-assembled?

A: Yes, the main body of the floating tray comes assembled. You will need to install the side brackets and then attach the Cargo Shelf.

Got more questions? Leave a message on our Contact page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Umberto Olivieri

Ottima soluzione per avere più spazio di carico, robusto e molto bello, facile da installare

Petr Mlatecek
Great add to my rig

Fast delivery, super-easy install, all parts made w precision (no misalignments), very sturdy / does not rattle. Looks great. Very happy with this add.

Sebastian Braun
Best addition to my setup!

The cargo tray is the best addition to your camping setup. Uses dead space perfectly and makes storage way easier!


The order was processed very competently and quickly. The shelf is very well made and fits perfectly in the JLU.

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